Rosa L. Griffin, Author
Attraction:  Human and Nonhuman

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Attraction:  Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships 
by Rosa L. Griffin

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You need a little sexual fantasy, don’t you?  But, you want a little intelligence, a little innovation along with that—not just juices dripping every which way.  Attraction is a collection of 8 adult short fiction stories dealing with passionate, but not always healthy relationships. Sexuality, romance, horror, science fiction, humor, local culture, and just a pinch of violence.

Death Sleep” is the story of a Baltimore school teacher who is abused by a vampire at the start of the American Civil War.

“Free Ride” is the story of a married man who falls in love for the first time late in life.

In "One Drop", an 1800s young woman must provide for herself and wants it all.

“Terra” is the story of an older student who falls prey to a vampire attack.

“Life-BoxR” is a futuristic safe-sex drama about a dangerous flirt with erotica.

In “Urban Predator”, a mature woman is attacked by a werewolf.

In “The Tradition”, a young man is so frustrated with debutantes that he goes about intimacy in the wrong way.

“Blood Club” is the story of a vampire who develops a practical use for living resources.

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