Rosa L. Griffin, Author
Attraction:  Human and Nonhuman

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Rosa L. Griffin is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, who enjoys writing, reading, singing, dancing, and watching horror, action, romantic comedy, fantasy, and mystery movies.

Her fictional influences include authors James Baldwin, Tananarive Due, John Steinbeck, Joyce Carol Oates, and Stephen King among others.

The last great fiction books she has read:  The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck), Had I Listened (Hines Early), Once Upon a Wedding and Will, Power & Promise (A.N. Hopps), Water in a Broken Glass (Odessa Rose), Cinnamon Girl Blues and Office Politics (Wilma Brockington), Obsessive Love (Kay Salle), The Bum Magnet (K.L. Brady)and More Than a Slave (Margaret D. Pagan).

The last great non-fiction books she has read:  Letitia Stockett’s Baltimore: A Not Too Serious History, Wilma Brockington’s Been There, Done That, Joseph McCray’s Pushing On: Wonderful Stories about the Life of Josephine Jordan, and Maxine Shelton’s Uncovered For Such a Time as This.  Ms. Griffin has written reviews on for some of the books noted on this website. 

She is currently working on a horror novel of her short story, “Death Sleep” (from her book, Attraction: Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships [8 fiction short stories now available in an ebook for $3.99 on]) She is also working on a new sexy short story called "Found".

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